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The Wwe Releases Keep Coming

Unfortunately there is no end didn t come last night, it came out that the word a long time referee Mickey Henson had received the documents, as well as on foot. On 9 January, the company has released eight-to-air and backstage talent, plus a number of office staff. It seems as if the storm was over until Tuesday, January 13, when the company got rid of two of their legendary stars. Henson was a wrestling official for over twenty years, at this point, including a long experience in the former World Championship Wrestling. Then the next morning it was announced two fighters had been fired. He is currently off TV for medical leave.
16.1.09 10:56

New Mafia Ii Trailer Hits The Streets

Surprisingly, have been working on a sequel then. The original Mafia sold over 2 million copies and has helped to put some 2K Czech awards on the mantle piece. Looking to escape to a life of poverty that consumes his childhood, Vito is soon influenced by the charm of power and wealth that a life of struggle against organized crime can lead. PC PS3 two out and the next Xbox 360 [southern] spring 2K czech have specifically built a new generation engine for the game. This is on display in the trailer on page 2 Born the son of a poor immigrant, Vito is a beaten down Italian American who are trying to get his slice of American Dream.
16.1.09 10:56

Noaa Grants Endangered Species Status To Black Abalone

The species was collected in early Californias Native American history and a peak of commercial fishing in a state in 1970. Once harvested food, the black abalone were plentiful in the intertidal waters along the coast of the Pacific. 13, and comes a year after the fisheries service proposed to list the species. The ruling takes effect in February. Fisheries Service determined today NOAAs the black abalone, a marine edible shellfish, should be listed as endangered species threatened with extinction under the law. The state of California closed to commercial and recreational harvest in 1993, the black abalone.
16.1.09 10:55

Kanye Upset Over Vibe Cover Rapper Wonders Why Photo Shows Him With Grey Hairs In His Beard

L image appears to show specks of gray hair in his beard says the artist who came from nothing and remember to Brad Pitt character who ages backward The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. Kanye West recently took his blog to rail against his photo on the cover of Vibe magazine. I DON T HAVE GRAY IN MY REAL LIFE beard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! West wrote on his blog. I M IS DOWN WITH ALL IN MY 30 S, MA DAAAAAAAAMN! This is a BENJAMIN BUTTON SHT! .
16.1.09 10:55

Jonny Boy Speaks Lil Wayne Edition

Yes me his people, in the flesh Jonny Boy here to bring you the latest in hip-hop tid-bit and rumors. I cannot front, I bump Let It Rock on a regular basis and if you saw me in the whip rocking, you might think that I was a fool, perhaps because I am a fool. Wayne weve all seen headed in that direction. It would be interesting to say the least. If you read my column last week I talked about how the voice was LIl Wayne mill churning that is already at work on Tha Carter IV. I mean look at the clothes and the guitar he occasionally strums on a note not to mention the tattoos, Kevin Rudolph signings, etc.. But an entire album? I really dont know man.
16.1.09 10:55


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