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Jonny Boy Speaks Lil Wayne Edition

Yes me his people, in the flesh Jonny Boy here to bring you the latest in hip-hop tid-bit and rumors... weiterlesen
16.1.09 10:55

Kanye Upset Over Vibe Cover Rapper Wonders Why Photo Shows Him With Grey Hairs In His Beard

L image appears to show specks of gray hair in his beard says the artist who came from nothing and r... weiterlesen
16.1.09 10:55

Noaa Grants Endangered Species Status To Black Abalone

The species was collected in early Californias Native American history and a peak of commercial fish... weiterlesen
16.1.09 10:55

New Mafia Ii Trailer Hits The Streets

Surprisingly, have been working on a sequel then. The original Mafia sold over 2 million copies and ... weiterlesen
16.1.09 10:56

The Wwe Releases Keep Coming

Unfortunately there is no end didn t come last night, it came out that the word a long time referee ... weiterlesen
16.1.09 10:56

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